Movies are big revenue generators for Hollywood, and are mostly aimed at entertaining audiences, but there exists another side to the silver screen: the creative and visual arts. This aspect of film goes unappreciated by millions of movie-goers every year, even though DVDs are stacked with extra features detailing the technical and artistic aspects of the business.

This site is dedicate to the men and women who spend their days behind the scenes, in the editing room and everywhere except behind the cameras, from the director to the choreographer. They are the modern day artists who make Hollywood's stars shine. You won't find snobbish reviews, nor "thumbs up", or even a critique. There are plenty of self-righteous know-it-all reviewers. This site is here so you can express what you took away from a movie, and why? How did the technical elements modify or exemplify the acting?

In the left panel you will find Analysis Tools for technical and artistic review. On the top you find links to info pages, the blogs, feature articles, and general links to other websites about film analysis. The forum is where you, the movie-goer, is king. Here we invite you to analyze your favorite movies, both past and present. If the movie you want to analyze is not listed, then please blog us in the "Please Add" category. We can then add your movie, and then you will be able to share your insights to the world-wide-web. If your analysis is particularly good, we will add it to our "Featured" column. Here we publish the best-of-the best. If your work makes it to the "Featured" page, we may edit your work to correct for spelling or grammatical errors, but the idea is to showcase your analysis.
Enough about US ... if you want to learn more about us, go to the ABOUT US link above, otherwise ... "the lights are dimmed, the orchestra engaged -- now its time to see if you can dance."